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Zaros Crete / East Crete
The village of Zaros with its lake is located on the ridge of Psiloritis, approx. 40 km south of the capital Heraklion, at 450 meters above sea level. The water of the lake is fed from the mountains. The water is also bottled and sold all over the island. There is also a trout farm here. The area is a nature reserve for the bearded vulture and for 70 endemic plant species. The limestone area in its limestone crevices offers numerous habitats for rare plant species that grow up to a height of 2000 meters above sea level!

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Hotel Zaros Cottages Zaros / Crete East Crete
4-Star-Country-Hotel Zaros Cottages East Crete, a hidden gem! A mountain-resort with ambience in the South East of Crete. The small 4-Star family run hotel with apartment-cottages and an excellent traditional Crete Cuisine providing half board (breakfast and dinner). All Rooms with private furnished terrace with mountain view. The family has worked out hiking trails with beautiful views of the Lake and mountains. A charming traditional Hotel situated in a stunning landscape in the Region of Gortys /Phaistos. The diversified cuisine is characterized by a respect for nature and its capabilities. Many products from their own gardens.
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