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Hotel Amente Plakias

Welcome to the stunning south coast of Crete where you will find the modern, small hotel AMÉNTE. Located just 300 meters from the shimmering waters of the Mediterranean, this small, elegant hotel offers a new hospitality experience. From the moment you arrive, you will immediately notice the contemporary architecture and welcoming atmosphere. The design seamlessly combines modern aesthetics with the natural beauty of the authentic Cretan landscape.

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The hotel is quietly located at the entrance to Plakias, about 400 meters from the small center.
The hotel features 10 well-appointed rooms that provide guests with an intimate and exclusive stay. Each room is tastefully decorated in a minimalist style, exuding a sense of calm and comfort. The carefully selected décor combines clean lines, neutral tones and subtle touches of local artistry, creating a tranquil atmosphere that invites relaxation. Large windows let in ample natural light while offering beautiful views of the sparkling sea.
A comprehensive breakfast can be booked on site. It is served in the room with many local products.
Entertainment / Worth to See - Sightseeing
In the village Plakais you will find many taverns, cafes
Water sports in season in the town.
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Hotel Amente Plakias