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Agia Irini Gorge
Nature Adventure Agia Irini Gorge European Path E4 Things to know before you go; most of our tours provide round-trip transport from your accommodation.
If you want to pass through the Agia Irini Gorge you must wear the right clothes and shoes for walking and hiking. The Agia Irini Gorge is 12 km, 7 km of them in the gorge and 5 km outside. The starting point is the village of Agia Irini. An official walking map for Crete does not exist, but you will always find a map of the whole route at the entrance to each gorge. These maps are detailed enough to give you information about the gorges. Like most gorges on Crete, the Agia Irini Gorge is also a riverbed. You can admire the local flora and fauna, such as the endangered Cretan wild goat and various plants like cypress, pine, and dittany. The path first goes uphill and then downhill. In the gorge there are several picnic areas where you can have a short rest beneath the shade of the old pine trees. It is a medium level hiking trail. The walk takes a total of 5 hours and can be done throughout the year, provided that it hasn't just rained. An average walker knows that hiking in a gorge after a rainy day is dangerous because stones from the mountain can be dislodged. This riverbed is dry in summertime, but up until June you will see some water, brooks and springs where you can fill your bottle with fresh water. It is paved with huge stones and pebles. More information for booking the best Hotels, Apartments and Villas in West Crete: info@kreta.com, The Crete-Experts have the best ideas for Crete!
Falassarna Beach Video!
Falassarna one of the most scenic beaches of Europe in West Crete.
Falassarna is a protected nature reserve with dunes on the west coast of Crete. It extends over a length of about 2 km with 5 different bays. The exotic-Beach Falassarna is a Paradise and one of the TOP beaches of Europe. Located 60 km westwards from Chania-Town and only 15 minutes’ drive from the coastal village Kolimbari. There are two watersports-stations offering Stand Up Boards (SUP), Surfing and Kite Surfing. The area consists of several sandy beaches and a few small apartment houses. There are two beach clubs with good music, where fast food is offered and 5 very good restaurants. The beach clubs also offer sun loungers and parasols (price for booth 2 chairs and an umbrella = 5 €,) There are no shops. On the big beach there are 2 watersports stations.To the next big town Kissamsos with hospital 14.4 km about 25 minutes’ drive. You will find several ATMs, shops, hairdressers and several banks and pharmacies. Highlight in Falassarna are the excavations of the ancient port city Polirinia from the 6th century BC. The excavations are at the end of the bay, where it is rocky. At the northern end of Falassrana there are the ruins of the ancient Grecoroman city of Falassarna. My favorite place there is the carved stone throne. What for a function it had is still unclear. The throne is located south of the excavations and anyone can sit down in, what I naturally enjoyed!

More information for booking the best Hotels, Apartments and Villas in West Crete: info@kreta.com, The Crete-Experts have the best ideas for Crete!
The southern coastal town of Sougia is in southwestern Crete and belongs to the prefecture of Chania, about 60 km south of Chania. Experience a new side of Crete next time you pull on your walking boots with an amble through some of the most beautiful landscapes of Southern Crete. Mountain peaks, as well as coastal paths and even a hidden gorge LYSSOS. Only the way is the goal! This small coastal village on the south coast of Crete lies at the foot of the "Agia Irini“Gorge and is becoming increasingly popular with hikers. The hinterland of Sougia is very varied and offers many out - door - activities. The European Walking Path E4 leads the visitors to the most scenic places of South Crete. Sougia has a "Taxi Information Desk" and even a water - taxi offering transfers for hikers. The pebble Beach of Sougia is well organised with sunbeds, umbrellas, showers and a few taverns. There is a ferry-boat-connection to the non-street-accessible picturesque villages like LOUTRO and AGIA ROUMELI. We call Sougia also as the TRANSIT PLACE for hikers as this is the place where the Samaria-Hikers are coming back from their tour. There is also a ferry-connection to the Coastal Village SFAKIA. Hiking tours that you can do in Sougia and the surrounding area: An excellent medium level-challenge that spans 12 km is the AGIA IRINI GORGE the path descends in the coastal village Sougia, also suggested for hiking with children. Like all Gorges in Crete the path is a riverbed with gravel.